Special Senses #1

Here I am, just one week into the Special Senses module and M.I.A. again. It was a tough week, considering how high I was before crashing into the abyss of medical science. *I miss EAMSC T_T* Well, it’s not the science. In fact, the science is what keeps me there. It is the medical education that kills.

A part of “going to school” means going through tedious cycles of PBLs and plenary sessions, not to mention dealing with some pedantic facilitators who are more than happy to point out every tiny bit of discrepancies from the Twelve Commandments of PBL. [I would like to clarify that this breed of PBL facilitators represent only a minor portion of all facilitators]. This is what effectively prevents students from actually studying; we are being preoccupied with stuffs that should’ve been easily bypassed.

On the topic of special senses itself (sight, hearing & balance, smell, taste), I am somewhat ambivalent. I think the physiology of the senses is one of the most interesting and understandable compared to other body systems, although it can be quite complex at times.

Studying anatomy and histology in this module will take extra effort because we are studying multiple unrelated organs at the same time. I will also have to overcome my squamishness when seeing diseased eyeballs. Urgh. I can stand the sight of exploding intestines, but it takes willpower to stare at an acid-injured eye.

However, I think I have made a progress in this side: I watched an entire cataract removal surgery on YouTube. The surgeon was sticking all these tiny devices into an eyeball as if it were a pincushion, destroy its cataract, and replace the lens. And I didn’t even look away. Oh yeah.

Entering the second week, I am bracing for the rough waves ahead. If you think this writing is incoherent, you should take a peek into my thoughts. Gotta get some ZZZs.


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