Fast forward

My last post, on entering the Special Senses module, is dated Feb 15. Now is mid-May, one and a half module later. The Senses module is obviously over; then followed by the Immunology & Infection module. It was somewhat fun. Perhaps the fact that I am fascinated by the elegant, yet kickass mechanisms of our immune system helps a lot in dragging me along the tedious days. Even better is that both are pretty straightforward modules, unlike –let’s say- the CVS or respirology with their complex pathophysiology. However, I am very proud to once again say, they are over.

Then there was a one-week holiday, which I spent in Bangkok with my friends from the uni. I took them around BKK, and we also embarked on an adventure to Koh Larn, a beach island off the coast of Pattaya. But this marvelous trip deserves a post of it's own so I’ll just leave it at that right now.

Currently I am in the Hematology-Oncology module, famous for being one of the toughest modules to crack in FKUI. From the very first day I can sense how riotous this module can be, with its 30 lectures ranging from the basic processes of hematopoiesis (look it up if it sounds funny to you) to the huh?-inducing malignancies. It does have its fair share of snoozefest too, though. Anyway, my timetable for this module is quite convenient actually, not to mention the two national holidays happening just two weeks apart.

Last, my research project will finally reach the end of the tunnel soon. My group has just wrapped everything up, and we are expecting only minor revisions before going to the “judgment day” itself. I’m so excited, I’ll be wagging my tail if I have one.